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 Saturday November 5th

Pat is one of the most listened to finger pickers in the world. Having been a songwriter and guitarist for twenty years for the “Guys All Star Shoe Band” of Minnesota Public Radio’s “A Prairie Home Companion,” Pat got to show off his savvy licks and distinctive original songs to millions of listeners each week. His decades long association with Garrison Keillor’s popular program has led to some unusual gigs: There was the aftershow club date in Berlin, when Wynton Marsalis showed up to sit in with Pat and the Prairie Home band. Or playing music on camera for the Prairie Home Companion movie with director Robert Altman and stars Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Kevin Kline, John C. Reilly, Woody Harrelson and Tommy Lee Jones.
Chet Atkins has described self confessed guitar addict Pat Donohue as “one of the finest fingerpickers in the world.” Donohue responds to that in his typical self-deprecating manner: “Chet’s an awful nice guy. There are other people he might have said that about. I do take comfort in it.”

“I first heard him on the radio and got upset. Then I heard him in concert and got more upset. He thinks harmonically, improvises beautifully, and writes. If you're a guitar player, he's going to haunt you...” —Leo Kottke

“Our live 'Folkstage' performer was Pat Donohue who received a very rare standing ovation from our audience. His droll wit, great sense of humor, amazing guitar picking and perfectly constructed set really pleased our studio audience. He's been wasted all these years on APHC. He's a great solo artist.” —THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL with Rich Warren 2/16

“Great performance, everyone loved Pat. His humor, personality and occasional singing really set him apart from other guitar gods that lose audience interest.” —Mark Young - Full Moon Concert Series, MI 6/2015

“Pat performs with the wit and wisdom of A Prairie Home Companion legend. Never misses a lick and delivers the punchline.” — David Beaton Fogartyville - WSLR Sarasota, FL 3/16


Saturday December 3rd
Jory Nash is an award-winning singer-songwriter and storyteller who blends elements of folk, jazz, blues, pop & soul into an original stew of sound. He has recorded 8 critically acclaimed albums. the most recent being his Spring 2015 release The Many Hats of Jory Nash. In 2013 his album Little Pilgrim was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award (CFMA) for Best Producer. His 2009 album New Blue Day was named Penguin Eggs Magazine Critic’s Choice Album of the Year. Jory Nash also received a CFMA nomination for New Blue Day. He is also a previous winner of the OCFF Songs From The Heart Award for his song "When I Walk Out".

Jory Nash is a past Artistic Director of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival, and is the co-founder of an annual large scale, multi-artist concert celebrating the music of Gordon Lightfoot. The January 2016 concerts will be the 14th year of presentation.

Jory Nash plays acoustic guitar, piano and banjo and his warm, unique voice urges you to listen to his thoughtful lyrics and intricate melodies. Jory Nash is regularly heard on numerous CBC Radio programs, SiriusXM, BBC, Galaxie, and college/NPR stations across North America. Jory Nash is a featured artist on the new CBC/SiriusXM channel SONICA.

Saturday January 7th
Rich harmonies and thoughtful songs accompanied by guitar, cello, violin and banjo as only a group like the Brother Brothers can offer. Already established players and composers in a wide spectrum of genres throughout the NY musical circuit, they are finally teaming up to bring their individual experiences together.
“While they’re technically a new band, The Brother Brothers have been in this together for life, and their familial connection comes through in the music, harkening back to some of the greatest family harmonies ever made. They approach their poignant and often charming songs with an almost startling sense of ease, and the tight harmonies are enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. Their ability to pull the listener into their quietly energetic musical journey is a joy to behold. I can’t wait to be out on the road with Adam & David and hear their heart wrenching songs and spot on harmonies night after night!”— Sarah Jarosz


 Saturday February 4th

 The Matt Flinner Trio

We welcome Matt Flinner and his trio to our stage (and to the Ripton community!).In 2006, three musical pals decided to get together to play a few gigs; since then, the Matt Flinner Trio has been exploring new pathways and setting new standards for the bluegrass trio sound all around the U.S. and Europe. Matt Flinner, guitarist Ross Martin and bassist Eric Thorin cover a wide variety of musical styles—all with the common ground of American roots music. Bluegrass, jazz and old-time music are all present here in their ways, along with a dose of classical chamber music composition and arrangement, as the members all draw from their wide array of musical loves, experiences and influences.  These influences boil down into the trio’s own organic sound of New Acoustic music, or Modern String Band music, or Chamber Grass (music is getting harder and harder to label these days, isn’t it?).  Whatever label you put on it, it is guaranteed to be fresh and original, and definitely something you’ve never quite heard before.

“Flinner continues his reign as perhaps the most exciting and creative mandolin player on the scene today.”—Jazz Times

“One of the best mandolin players ever…”—Downbeat

“(Flinner) blurs the lines between jazz and bluegrass, traditional and avant-garde.”—Associated Press

“Flinner provides the next logical evolutionary step to David Grisman’s unique ‘Dawg’ style, and does it with a nod to the past and a vision of the future.”—Bluegrass Now

“Matt Flinner can play the mandolin as fast as anyone, but is also one of those rare virtuosos who knows that sometimes it’s the notes you don’t play that makes the melody great.”—Associated Press

“Flinner….represents the next generation of new acoustic music.”—Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“‘The View from Here’…a phenomenal record from an amazing talent which, as far as I’m concerned, has elevated the standard by which all future instrumental recordings must be judged.”—Dave Higgs, WPLN-FM

Saturday March 4th

Quiles and Cloud


From humble beginnings in the folk clubs of San Francisco, to hundreds of concerts across thousands of miles, Quiles & Cloud give voice to the landscape of modern America with the timeless blend of storytelling, vocal harmony and acoustic instrumentation.

Quiles and Cloud met in 2011 at an open mic in a San Francisco cathedral, finding not only immediate musical chemistry but a shared sense that the time was right, in Quiles’ words, “to go balls-to-the-wall with music.

“Rory was out in San Francisco playing all the time, sort of living out of his car, and I was living in my uncle’s basement,” she says. “So we found each other at a time when we were ready to commit.”

Both grew up surrounded by music and art. Cloud’s mother fronted the folk-rock band Cheryl Cloud and Common Ground, performing around southern California through the ’80s and up until she passed away from cancer in 1995. Initially, Rory played mostly electric guitar in various rock, jazz, and hip-hop projects, but he eventually came back to his folk roots—and now exclusively plays his mother’s old Guild dreadnought. 

“I started getting back into writing songs, inspired by people like Nick Drake and songwriters that I got exposed to later,” he recalls, “and I started messing with alternate tunings on the acoustic guitar.”

Meanwhile, up in San Francisco, Quiles’ parents were ballroom dance teachers and painters. As a kid she played classical violin, but then, she says, “The acoustic guitar came into my life. I love playing violin and I still do it, but for me, guitar is a great tool for writing. I’ve dabbled in other roles in electric music, but I really resonate with an acoustic guitar.”

Quiles and Cloud made their first album, Long Time Coming, five months after they met, and soon afterward connected with Westesson, who joins them for California gigs and sometimes on tour elsewhere. At first the group’s repertoire mostly consisted of songs written individually, but the two quickly began developing their duo voice. “The sound that we have now has very much been developed through this project,” says Cloud. “We both sounded different when we got together and had different approaches to arranging.” 

Most of the duo’s songs originate with a lyrical or musical idea from Quiles. “She’ll bring a framework to me,” says Cloud. “It might be half written and she needs a second opinion or ear on lyrics, or structural things with the tune, so I’m the person who comes in and tweaks the arrangement a little bit or adds something to the chord progression. Then there’s the whole harmony process that we go through, where we sit for a while and figure out what the nice notes are to add color to the arrangement.”

Quiles and Cloud tune into music beyond the folk world but feel most connected with artists such as Punch Brothers, Aoife O’Donovan, and Sarah Jarosz. Cloud says he appreciates the open-ended way those musicians cross-pollinate genres with the directness and simplicity of acoustic folk.-Acoustic Guitar Magazine

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Saturday May 6th

 Red Tail Ring

Saturday June 3rd

Low Lily

Saturday September 2nd

The Press Gang