Open Mic Information


Our concerts start at 7:30 with a one-hour open mic set. There are four 12-minute slots available.  Our audience is made up of respectful, supportive listeners.It's a great opportunity to be heard.

To be sure of getting a slot you can sign up by phone. Please don't call earlier than two weeks before the next coffeehouse. You can sign up by phone until noon of the day of the show, provided there's still a slot available. You can also just show up at the coffeehouse with an instrument but chances are better than not that all the slots will be filled. You need to be there by 7:20 to hold your slot. The doors open at 7:00 and the actual order of open-mike performers is determined that night on a first-come, first-choice basis. If you are a large ensemble or require extra set up time we might ask you to perform first.

Please sign up by calling 802-388-9782. Please don't sign up by email because the email only gets checked about once a week and we might not see your request until it is too late.

It is helpful if you can give us an idea of what instruments you’ll have and what personnel you’ll be coming with if you are not performing alone.

In case there's a blizzard or some other reason that makes us cancel, please be sure to give us a phone number we can call you at.

Open mic performers get in for free. This is for up to 4 performers. If there is a larger group or chorus, only the first 4 performers get in free. Our admission fee is what pays the featured act. This is an all volunteer coffee house.

You can only play the open mic every four months. If you play the open mic in January, you can next play in May.

Please remember, each performer gets 12 minutes to perform, which includes time spent on your song introductions, waiting for the applause and tuning.  It is easy to lose track of time while performing.   Please be sure to respect the time limit so everyone gets to perform.